Software Services Agreement India

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I. In this agreement, unless otherwise stated in context, the following meaning is the date of acceptance: the date on which the programs are accepted by the client [or accepted by the client]; 2) Budget: the budget containing all relevant information on quality, quantity and projected costs, etc., which must be prepared and decided for each fiscal year; 3) budgetary exercise: any period of twelve months or less in the event of termination during the currency of the contract; 4. Completed programs: that is, fully installed and tested and accepted programs; 5) Equipment: the customer`s computer equipment and the corresponding devices, in accordance with the law or any other equipment that can be agreed between the parties; 6. Implementation plan: indicates the timetable for the completion of the program preparation and delivery phases, as stated in Schedule… 7) end date: the date indicated in the delivery plan to which the supplier must provide completed programs or an extended date that can be set in accordance with a provision of this agreement; 8) Master plan: the training provided by the provider for the use of the programs by the client`s staff, the details of which are specified in Schedule 9. Maximum cost: the amount shown in Schedule. 10. Operational specifications: the specifications according to which programmes must be written; 11) user manuals: instructions to be drawn up by the supplier; 12) operating criteria: the criteria to be met by the programmes in accordance with operational specifications, subject to the tolerances, limitations and exceptions provided in the operational specifications; 13th phase: phase of the execution plan; 14. Price: refers to the price the customer must pay for the services according to the schedule.

15. programs: computer applications/programs to be written by the provider; 16) services: the services provided by the services provided under this agreement; 17. Review date: the date the supplier participates in testing the program on the client`s premises. I. II. Covenant services that need to be made available. The supplier agrees in accordance with the terms of this contract: i. Write the program [s]; ii. Successfully install the program on the device; iii. Include the final program until the end date; and iv. Providing user manuals and training manuals; Supplier acceptance a.

The provider agrees that the programs be used by the customer in conjunction with the customer`s existing device and operating system. B. The supplier also accepts that it was provided with sufficient information about the device and operating system in question so that it can write the programs in accordance with operational specifications for their use with the device and operating system. c. The supplier is not entitled to an additional payment or an apology for liability resulting from this Agreement as a result of misinterpretation of objects or facts relating to the functions, facilities and capabilities of the device or operating system.