Trade Agreement Prijevod

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Based on the results of the survey, a list of recommendations will be forwarded to the European Commission. The inquiry will also be taken into account in the CoR`s opinion on the implementation of free trade agreements to be adopted in 2020. Michael Murphy, rapporteur of the European Committee of the Regions on the implementation of free trade agreements, said that more informative activities can help to improve the scope of practical information and support SMEs in all regions. “There is a clear need for practical guidelines on how SMEs and regions can manage trade with third countries, as well as information activities, such as training, seminars and workshops, that can help improve the reach of practical information and support SMEs in all regions. I look forward to working with stakeholders and facilitating discussions on the development of instruments and methods that can be used to strengthen the adoption of free trade agreements, particularly for micro-enterprises and SMEs in all EU REGIONS. EuroCHAMBRES head of international trade and foreign policy Dominic Boucsein said the EU had done an excellent job in creating the world`s largest network of trade agreements. “However, Europe remains below its weight in implementing a free trade agreement. We need to maximise the economic benefits of free trade agreements, which means closing the knowledge gap between SMEs, simplifying rules of origin and ensuring more consistent implementation at EU level at all levels. CETA entered into force provisionally on September 21, 2017, meaning that most of the agreement is now in force. Sinonimi: | shorten the | | shorten | | Treaty (Irregular preterite, past participation: cut).

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